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ACCL Rules and Guidelines

ACCL is an Academic Working and Learning Environment

  • ACCL computer systems are for appropriate educational use only. If you use these resources for non-educational related activities such as playing games online, you may be asked to log out.

  • No Food or Drinks/Eating and Drinking. Food in sealed containers and drinks in re-sealable containers can be brought into the lab provided they are placed in a book bag, backpack, etc., or are placed out of the way on the floor and not consumed while in the lab.

  • Loud talking, laughter, and horseplay are forbidden. Anyone disrupting the learning environment may be asked to leave the facility.

  • Do not talk on cell phones in the lab. Please step outside to talk and put your cell phone on silent or vibrate while in the lab.

  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised at ALL times by an adult. Unattended children are not permitted in the lab.

  • You may not share your lab account with others. Sharing account is a violation of the AWC and NAU Acceptable Use Policies and can result in the suspension of your account.

  • Visitors or guests must check in at the ACCL front desk and present a valid photo ID in order to use the lab computers.

  • The scanning stations in the lab are reserved for those who need to use the scanner.

  • The ACCL is not responsible for missed deadlines, lost/missing/corrupted data, or any other-related problems that may occur while working in the lab. The golden rule of safety: Save early, save often, and backup your files elsewhere.

  • The lab aides are here to help you with technology issues (like mouse, computers, scanner and/or login issues). The lab aides are NOT allowed to do your homework for you, but may offer some assistance in guiding you.