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Personal Web-space Policy


Arizona Western College hosts personal pages posted by faculty, staff and students to provide educational resources and a forum for the free flowing exchange of ideas and information critical to an academic community. Personal web pages are a service AWC provides to facilitate the work of the College. All web pages utilizing the College's system and/or equipment are expressly for the purpose of completing the College's mission.


1. The following are guidelines for creating and maintaining web pages that support the College's mission:

1.1 A personal website should not exceed 5 megabytes in size.

1.2 The AWC Technology Acceptable Use Procedure (223.1) governs personal web site use.

1.2.1 Inclusion of the copyrighted work of others to one's personal web site is subject to federal copyright law, which protects the property rights of authors and designers in all forms of publication.

1.2.2 Personal web sites must not violate copyright convention.

1.2.3 Accordingly, employees of the College must not post or distribute on their personal web sites any copyrighted materials (such as software, fonts, text, logos, audio, photographs, cartoons and illustrations, or creative or scholarly works - in whole or in significant part), without written permission from the owner of copyright to the material.

1.2.4 For acceptable uses of copyrighted written material, consult a writer's handbook such as The MLA Manual; also, consult AWC's Information Technology Librarian at the College's Library (Phone: 928-344-7777).

1.3 Personal web sites must not provide or promote access to the names, contact information, or identifiable likenesses of any persons without their express permission; i.e., faculty should not post a list of students in a class without permission from each student listed. Personal web sites must not include photographs without permission from everyone who could be identified in the photograph.

1.4 Personal web sites must not sell goods or services or promote any commercial enterprise not for the benefit of the College.

1.5 Personal websites will not provide or promote access to materials that are grossly offensive, such as expressions of bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred, defamation, or pornography, whether directed at groups or individuals. Personal websites will not provide or promote access to materials that encourage illegal activity.

2. Personal web site owners have the following responsibilities:

2.1 Updating their page or pages regularly, including links to other pages.

2.2 Creating and maintaining pages that embody professional design and clear presentation.

2.3 Including a link to the College's homepage from the personal site's homepage.