The inherent danger during a major power outage is panic; therefore, all college personnel should attempt to remain calm. To report a minor, localized power outage, call Facilities Management at 314-9470.

Do not Call Arizona Public Service.

In Case of a Campus-Wide Power Outage During Daytime Hours:

Remain calm. Follow directions from AWC Campus Police or Facilities Supervisory Personnel for immediate action. If an evacuation is ordered, seek out persons with special needs and provide assistance. Laboratory personnel should secure all experiments and unplug electrical equipment prior to evacuating. All chemicals should be stored in their original locations. Provide natural ventilation by opening all windows and/or doors. If this is not possible, or natural ventilation is inadequate, evacuate the laboratory until the power is returned.

In Case of a Campus-Wide Power Outage During Evening Hours:

Exit the classrooms and buildings and leave campus. Any students on main campus with no transportation will remain with AWC Campus Police to make arrangements for transportation.

If people Are Trapped in an Elevator:

Tell passengers to stay calm and that you are getting help. If you are in the elevator, use the emergency phone located in each elevator to notify AWC Campus Police. Do not attempt to open doors manually or exit until assistance arrives.