Natural gas lines exist throughout the Arizona Western College campus to provide fuel to a variety of sources. While natural gas is colorless and odorless, an additive is used to give it a district odor when released into the atmosphere. Do not call Southwest Gas - facilities personnel will call the gas company.

In Case of Gas Leak Inside a Building:

Remain calm. Evacuate the building immediately.

Do not turn off lights, equipment or use a cell phone.

Do not operate any electric switches or appliances.

Do not use the phone inside the building.

Do not use matches, cigarettes, or possible sources or ignition.

Do not use the elevators.

Using a phone in another building, call AWC Campus Police at 314-9500. Do not reenter until instructed to do so by AWC Campus Police or College Administration.

In Case of Gas Leak Outside a Building:

Evacuate the area immediately.

Call AWC Campus Police at 314-9500 and providing location information. Stay clear of the area until it is deemed safe for reentry.