Source: FEMA

In case of mayor hazardous spill:

Immediately call AWC Campus Police at 314-9500 or 344-5555.

Provide dispatcher with information regarding the spill, injuries, type of chemical flammability of substance, if possible.

Danger! Only trained and authorized personnel are permitted to respond to hazardous materials incidents!

For A Major Spill or Leak

Activate the nearest fire alarm.

Immediately evacuate the area, closing doors behind you.

Do not attempt to clean the spill for yourself.

Provide the clean-up/rescue personnel with appropriate Material Safety Data Sheet and other pertinent information.

For a Minor/Non Hazardous Spill or Leak

Attempt to contain the spill - do not to allow anything to leak into the drains.

Wear proper personal protective equipment while cleaning up.

Notify the Campus Police of the spill.

For an Outdoors Spill

Stay upstream and upwind of the spill.

Move as far away from the accident scene as possible and help keep others away.

Do not walk into or touch any spilled liquids, airborne mists or condensed solid chemical deposits. Try not to inhale gases, fumes or smoke. If possible, cover mouth with a cloth while leaving the area.

The Arizona Western College Facilities Management Department has personnel trained in the proper cleanup and containment of minor hazardous spills or releases. The Emergency Response team will determinate the need to call other agencies. For additional information regarding hazardous materials incidents, refer to Arizona Western College Chemical Hygiene Plan and the Arizona Western College Safety Management.