Source: FEMA

All Employees, especially those in certain occupations, should learn to use a fire extinguisher (laboratory, facilities management, food service, student life, and health services employees are required to attend fire extinguisher training). Call the Director of Risk Management at 314-9474 to set up a training session. If you have been trained and it is safe to do so, you may fight small contained fires with a fire extinguisher.

If you Discover Fire in Your Building or Room:

Manually activate the fire alarm system if alarm has not sounded.

Yell fire and immediately evacuate the building, closing doors behind you. Do not use the elevators.

Once Fire Alarm Are Activated:

Walk to the nearest exit. Do not use elevators!

Leave building immediately by the closest exit. Do not go back to your office or area to retrieve belongings.

Call 911 or Campus Police at 314-9500 or 344-5555.

Assist persons with special needs.

Notify fire personnel if you suspect someone is trapped inside the building.

Gather outside. Do not attempt to reenter the building until instructed to do so by AWC Campus Police.

If trapped in a room:

Check closed doors for heat before you open them. Use the back of your hand to feel for heat, never use the palm of your hand or fingers to feel for heat.

If unable to escape due to door being hot, place a cloth material around or under the door to prevent smoke from entering the room.

If able to escape through a window or if unable hang a light colored cloth at the window to alert fire fighters to your presence.

Close as many doors as possible between you and fire.

If Caught in Smoke:

Drop to hands and knees and crawl toward exit.

Stay low, as smoke will rise to the ceiling.

Hold your breath as much as possible - breath shallowly through nose and use a filter such as a shirt or towel.

If Forced to Advance through Flames:

Hold your breath.

Move quickly.

Cover your head and hair.

Keep your head down and your eyes closed as much as possible.