Natural causes include, but are not limited to, severe storm, chemical release, gas leak, flood, earthquake, power outage. In advance of an emergency, determine the nearest exit to your location and the best route to follow. In the event of an emergency during which one or more buildings must be evacuated, the Emergency Notification System or personal notification will be implemented. Assist anyone with special needs.

If time permits during evacuation, secure your workplace and take personal items such as keys, purse, medication, and glasses. In fire conditions, evacuate immediately leaving personal items behind.

Follow directions and leave as quickly as you can.

See Campus Closure instructions for evacuation procedures.

In most emergencies, complete evacuation of the campus is not necessary. If, however, there is a major hazardous materials release, flood, or other major incident, it may be necessary to relocate all College personnel to a safer location.

Evacuation from a Building:

Walk, do not run. Do not panic.

Do not use elevators.

Assist people with special needs.

If you cannot return to your building, wait for instructions from AWC Campus Police.